More accusations against Guaza swindlers for insurance

Civil guards of the Americas have once again denounced a 42-year-old man and a woman of 34, Adeje neighbors, as alleged perpetrators of more felony counts, in addition to those already detected in February and June .

More accusations against Guaza swindlers for insuranceThe man, who owns a car dealership in Guaza, was arrested because private individuals allegedly gave him cars to sell and then did not pay them all the money they had agreed on, but a small amount or delivered bad checks. After the first known cases in February, until June the Civil Guard gathered numerous more complaints, thanks to the victims read the news in the media. And now the agents detected that the accused, J.M.H.F., and the investigated one were dedicated to manage to their customers supposed contracts with insurers of vehicles. The victims paid those involved the price of insurance. But after a season, those affected realized that they lacked compulsory insurance, because they were never paid to the mediating companies that handled it.

However, the injured parties had paid their price to those now investigated and had a copy of the policy of their contract, according to information released yesterday by the Provincial Command of the Civil Guard.