California’s Nonfatal Worker Injuries Remained Steady in 2016

The California Department of Industrial Relations has released the 2016 occupational injury and illness data on employer-reported injuries that shows nonfatal worker injured remained steady in the state.

Estimates provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses show California’s overall incidence rate of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses remains at 3.7 cases per 100 workers for full time employees, the lowest rate in over a decade.

The data includes detailed case and demographic tables, as well as a summary of findings by DIR’s research team.

The estimates show there were roughly 466,600 nonfatal reportable job related injuries and illnesses in 2016, with 78 percent occurring in private industry and 22 percent in state and local government sectors.

The statewide all-industry rate of “lost time” cases – also referred to in the survey as “days away from work, job transfer or restriction” cases – remained constant at 2.2 cases per 100 full time workers over the last four years surveyed, while the rate of days away from work cases has remained unchanged for the last eight years, according to the DIR.

The industry with the highest rates of cases in which there were days away from work in 2016 were for cleaning and maintenance workers (284 cases per 10,000 workers), those performing installation and repairs (252 cases) and construction (243 cases).