3 Licensed Producers Accused of Insurance Fraud Scheme in Louisiana

Two women in East Baton Rouge Parish have been served cease and desist orders by the Louisiana Department of Insurance Fraud Division investigators for allegedly fraudulently altering the vital information and beneficiary designation of insurance policies, submitting fraudulent policyholder information, and obtaining life insurance policies without permission of the listed applicant.

A third cease and desist order is pending.

Jyhmecia Ger-Shae Dunn, Derroclecia Yequayla Dunn and Sheletha Yvette Henderson are accused of acting in concert to commit insurance fraud, forgery and identity theft. All three women are licensed producers in the state of Louisiana.

According to investigators, Henderson, Jyhmecia Dunn and Derroclecia Dunn, were involved in a scheme to issue life insurance policies on individuals without their knowledge or approval. They also allegedly conspired to change identifying details of applicants’ health, address and banking information to obtain life insurance policies.

Arrest warrants were served by Louisiana State Police, Baton Rouge Police Department and a compliance investigator with the Louisiana Department of Insurance on Jhymecia Dunn and Derroclecia Dunn on October 26, 2017. An arrest warrant is pending for Sheletha Henderson.

Source: Louisiana Department of Insurance