What you need to know about car insurance without a license

This is not because a car can drive without a licence that it does not need to be insured. Like all the vehicles on earth, this insurance is mandatory and it includes all of the offers relating to car insurance classic.

The car without a licence : for whom ?

Since 1 November 2014, the golf cart may be driven by a person 14 years of age and older. To do this, it is enough to have a license AM which can be obtained after a training of seven hours. It is provided by a driving school and, most often, on a moped or a quadricycle.

What insurance to buy for the golf cart ?

The minimum guarantee required to subscribe for the driving of a golf cart is the civil liability. Like any vehicle, it must of course be registered. To complete the procedure insurance, you simply present the registration of the vehicle to the insurer.

Apart from the civil liability, the owner may include other options such as legal protection, theft, glass breakage, or even the all-risk insurance. Before you choose, it must be based on the future use of the vehicle and frequency of use.

When you sign the contract, you can mention the name of a secondary user which will benefit from the protections offered by the insurance policy.

How to choose insurance golf cart ?

Before opting for some of the clauses of the contract, it is necessary to make a tour on the different options proposed :

  • civil liability : this is the only mandatory warranty and it requires the driver to repair the damage caused to others. As you have purchased an insurance policy, it is the insurer who will pay the costs that refer to it
  • legal protection : this option submits your rights in the event of disputes relating to the sale, repair, purchase, or removal of the cart by the pound
  • the warranty of the driver : it covers expenses related to bodily injury which may be the victim of the driver in case of accident
  • the collateral damage : this option covers repairs that may be incurred by the car without a license after an accident or a fender bender

Tips : as the cart is most vulnerable to accidents and that the repairs can be quite expensive, the last two options are highly recommended.

To choose well, start by comparing online rates for the insurance of a car without a licence.