What sports activities are offered the services of a health insurance company ?

The sports activities can be practised throughout the year or at periods one-time during vacations and holidays. But for those who practise, their danger does not always mean they are covered by the insurance companies. These last have the possibility to define the sports they perceive as being at-risk and who therefore deserve special assistance in case of accident or death. For caution, the best is always to check in advance with your agencies ofhealth insurance.

The case of the health Insurance and the mutual

The support of the social Security do not depend on the circumstances that caused the accident, but only the rate of reimbursement. In effect, a person who is injured playing a sport can benefit a support of a value proportional to the rate of reimbursement proposed by the social Security.

In the case of a mutual health, it is involved in making refunds with a value in line with what is stipulated in the contract. The supported can vary from one contract to another. If the presence of a specific ceiling for a sports injury there appears, the person concerned will have to pay out of pocket the extra expenses. In general, the value of the refund is low.

The insurance and the IVG or warranty of the Accidents of Life

For these two insurance companies, no accident caused by the practice of a sport may not be supported. This regulation applies to all types of sports even more at risk.

The importance of health insurance for athletes

The practice of a sport is not devoid of risk of accident, even in the most harmless. If you can’t fully you preserve, it is important that you are ready to undergo. To do this, subscribe to agency of health insurance that will cover any accident in certain contracts, or only some in others, depending on the agency that you have chosen. A broker may be able to advise you on the best companies to enable you to prepare for any eventuality of an accident during the practice of your favorite sports.