What kind of insurance purchase during the studies abroad ?

Study abroad enables young people to make a first experience at the international and discovering new cultures. For that this period goes smoothly, it is recommended to subscribe to specific insurance that will accompany them throughout their stay abroad. What are the formulas most appropriate ?

The insurance of the international credit card

International bank cards cover the owner in case of theft of means of payment or of their baggage, and provide the assistance and help due to an administrative problem or if a repatriation for health problem is essential.

To benefit, it is recommended that you contact the bank, because all cards do not offer this insurance. For the assert, it is necessary that the stay abroad lasts for less than three months and that it is funded, fully or partially, with said card.

This means that if the parents take the education of their child support by paying with their own card, their child will not be covered in case something goes wrong. The student, therefore, must pay with his own international credit card to be entitled to some safeguards.

Regarding stays longer than three months, the insurance related to the international credit card will not be sufficient unless the card holder specifically requests an extension of its contract with the insurer.

If this is not possible, it will be necessary to think of purchase a new contract with another insurer in order that the stay beyond the 90 days may be covered. An additional fee may be requested, but please do not hesitate to negotiate.

In both cases, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of support for optimal support.

Health insurance

If the student does not come out of the european territory, it will be covered by his European health Insurance Card or EHIC. It is the equivalent of the carte Vitale and is recognized by all countries of the european Union. To get it, just make the request with the social Security of his own country. The EHIC is valid for one year and will cover the health costs of the student without having to advance the costs. Outside the EU, it will also be valid in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Auto insurance

If the stay abroad implies that the student with a trip of a vehicle, it is necessary to check that his licence be valid in the host country. In general, any contract of insurance French car is recognized throughout the EU as well as in some countries, but it will make sure of that by looking at the list on the back of the green card the insurer.

In the case where the country of residence is not listed, it will need to buy a specific insurance, including compulsory civil liability of the student. This guarantee is required by almost all countries of the world. The insurance policy must be able to cover the accidents that led to property damage and bodily damage to the driver.

To reduce the costs especially if you go study in a big city, the best would be to rent a vehicle according to the needs. The auto insurance or motorcycle will be provided by the lessor as will be included in the rental contract.

Liability insurance

If your child is a minor and he went to study in another member country of the EU, your home insurance will cover his civil liability. Thus, if it damages the equipment or hurts someone during his stay, the harm caused will be covered by this insurance.

In the case where he went to study outside the european union and/or if it is major, other guarantees may be required. Check with your insurer to learn the terms, fees, indemnities, exclusions, …

Also, compare the different offers to find the most advantageous.