Insurance : the mediations multiply

Nothing that for the year 2016, the ombudsman of insurance has registered close to 15 000 requests for the settlement of disputes between insurers and insured. The main sources of problems are the car insurance, home insurance and loan protection insurance. The use of this organism allows us to find solutions that satisfy both parties without having to go to court.

An increase of 53 %

Compared to the year 2015, the number of mediation cases filed has reached 14 803 in 2016 which is equivalent to an increase of 53 %.

It should be noted that this mediation service is unique in France and was introduced in September 2015. It would seem, therefore, that he has not had time to rest because as soon as set up, its canvassers are more than many.

The main disputes concerned

The main reasons for requests are :

  • the refusal of compensation, which amounted to 31 %
  • the request for termination of the contract not obtained at the rate of 15 %

Out of the total disputes, property & casualty insurance residential are the main concerned with a rate of 56 %.

They are closely followed by the insurance of persons who reached the 44 %. In this area, the life insurance covers 23 % of the challenges issued.

Automobile insurance covers, meanwhile, 37 % of the problems registered. Most often, it is the assessment of responsibility and of the damage that is causing the problem.

And for residential policies, it is the extent of the guarantees, which is often a source of misunderstanding.

For health insurance, the claims amounted to 19 %.

The beneficiary clause

In order to reduce the number of disputes, the ombudsman recommends to the insured to read the beneficiary clause to avoid the contract does not fall dormant in which case they were to die. In fact, on the disputes recorded, some involve savings, not paid for lack of ability to identify who are the beneficiaries.

The insurance borrower and the age limit

Insurance borrower cover 24 % of disputes. These formulas are related to the real estate lending and consumer loans. In the majority of cases, complaints are related to the famous age limit of the guarantees that come with it. In effect, arrived at a certain age, the guarantees shall cease to cover the borrower, but the amount of its contribution decreases. Most borrowers do not understand why, files an appeal with the ombudsman.

It holds, however, that according to the principle of the mutualisation of risk and the calculation of the amount of the levy from the outset, the decrease turns out to be impossible. He also invited the insurers to provide clear explanations to their clients from the beginning to avoid any form of litigation. They could, for example, remind them of the terms and conditions of termination of the contract or even to give them a little education on what the drink-driving could lead to.

The mediator listened to ?

Yes, his opinions are respected by 99 % of insurers.

On the complaints filed in 2016, 28 % gave reason to the insured. In all cases, each case is carefully processed and most of them are resolved even before the ombudsman to issue his opinion.