Damage insurance work

The insurance damage book covers the quick repair induced by large claims that may involve a new construction in the 10 years following its delivery.

A legal obligation

Before even opening the construction site, the builders and craftsmen must subscribe to a contract of insurance in so-called ten-year liability. This obligation is stipulated by articles L. 241-1 and L. 243-3 of the insurance code. Without this subscription, they expose themselves to severe criminal penalties of up to 75 000 € fine and a sentence of six months imprisonment.

The owners, meanwhile, must subscribe to, in parallel, an insurance so-called DO-or damages-book.

The insurance DO

This insurance can quickly perform work within the ten-year warranty. In the event of a claim, it applies automatically without having to enter the justice to give preliminary rulings on the responsibilities of the company.

In practice, the insurer shall advance the sum necessary to carry out the repairs and then he will turn to the construction company to obtain the reimbursement of the expenses advanced.

In the case where the company has already filed for bankruptcy and ceased all construction activities, this insurance remains valid as long as the delivery date of less than 10 years.

The insurance DO, an obligation ?

This insurance is mandatory, therefore, that the work carried out are important. In general, this applies to new construction, structural work such as the rehabilitation or restructuring of a house, the enlargement of an old building, … as Soon as the solidity of the building is affected (trusses, floors, walls, …), insurance of DO is mandatory.

It should be noted that this insurance is not a substitute for the home insurance.

The application procedure

The insurance DO not short that from the time of the perfect completion of the building that is to say one year after the receipt of the work.

After delivery of the property, if a disaster occurs and the damage makes the building uninhabitable, the owner can claim the insurance. It is necessary, however, that the declaration should be made within five working days after discovery of the loss.

For the return, you must notify it by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. On this document should be referred to :

  • your name
  • the phone number of your insurance policy
  • the address of the damaged property
  • the date of receipt of the work
  • the date of the loss with their description
  • other measures taken to reduce damage in the event of a disaster

After receipt of the letter, the insurer must respond within 60 days. He will give you his response, you indicate the expert in charge of see the damage and assess it. You have a period of eight days to let him know if the appointed expert is appropriate for you or not. A new expert was appointed, and, if you récusez once again, it will be up to the justice to decide.

On the net, there are sites that offer to compare insurance work damage .

In the absence of recusal, a preliminary report of expertise as well as the decision of your insurer on the support you are given and this, in a period of 60 days. If these documents do not reach you within this time limit, the guarantee is acquired automatically and you can begin repairs.

The choice of the insurer

Rare are the companies that offer insurance DO. However, if the company contacted you refuse this coverage, you may, within 15 days following the refusal, enter the central Bureau of pricing (BCT). This will require the company to provide you with this warranty and fix the premium.

In general, this insurance can cost between 7% to 8% of the amount of work.