Auto insurance : an increase planned for 2018

An increase of 2% to 3% will affect theauto insurance in 2018 after many years of freezing. If the professionals have taken this decision, it is because the spare parts and repair are increasingly more expensive.

The increase is launched

Some insurers have already announced, last October, their rates will experience an increase of 2% to 3% from January 2018. The other competitors will not be slow to store and give, them also, their new rates for the coming year.

The loyalty period is over

With this increase, insurers will put an end to the loyalty period in which they are locked up, according to the law Hamon. It has, indeed, allowed the insured to change insurance companies without having to wait for the end of the year or the anniversary date of their contract. A situation which has forced the insurers to remain cautious on their prices at the risk of scaring off customers.

Anyway, mercifully reached their limits, and elsewhere, some of them have already increased their prices this year.

Before you change insurers, however, expect to see the rates offered by the other to make the competition.