A mobile application to make a report auto

When one has an accident or pulled without too much seriousness, making a report is often long. To expedite the procedure and allow the two drivers to leave quickly each of its side, a mobile application to make a statement has been launched. It has been called e-constat auto and can be downloaded for free on Apple Store or Google Play. It can be used on a tablet or smartphone. How does it work ?

Who is it for ?

For that the finding is valid, it is necessary that the two vehicles involved in the accident are registered in France or Monaco. If this is the case, the two drivers may make a report to the court on e-constat auto.

When ?

The application can only be used in case of accidents with only incurred damage to property. When the two drivers agree to use the e-statement, they may do so from a single smartphone, provided that they are agreed on the circumstances of the accident and the responsibility of everyone. In the contrary case, it is better that they do so each on their mobile respective.

In both cases, they can be used in parallel with the observation on paper and the findings on mobile.

If there has been physical injury, only «constat amiable» paper is valid. This is also the case when one of the vehicles is not registered in Monaco or in France, or if the accident takes place abroad.

How it works ?

To complete an e-statement, it is necessary to follow some steps :

  • a decline in the number of registration of the vehicle and to clarify its insurer
  • provide the vehicle information as listed on the carte grise
  • check the boxes of the circumstances of the accident
  • make a sketch if need be
  • give other additional comments if there is
  • re-read the observation made in PDF format and modify it in case of mistakes
  • sign the e-statement on the screen of the mobile

Be careful, take the time to review the terms of your declarations before you sign the constat. Immediately after the signature, the data will be secured and forwarded to the two insurers of drivers. No changes will be possible at this level.

When the observation will be sent, you will receive an SMS confirming that your request has been taken into account. A PDF version will also be sent, by e-mail and you will be able to print.

For the rest, the insurers operate the same way as after receipt of a statement paper : an assessment of responsibilities, compensation, …