A better understanding of the insurance aircraft

In the field of aviation insurance, there are two formulas key to find the insurance referring to the transported goods or faculties and the insurance referring to the aircraft that the so-called » hull insurance «.

The insurance » body »

Aviation is a complex world that brings together thousands of devices around the world. Even if the crashes are possible, the percentage of risk is very very low. However, a single crash has a strong impact to the companies as the cost of the aircraft, and the compensation of passengers presents a very high cost. Cover the risks which can damage them physically or make them disappear, is therefore necessary. From there was born the insurance, the «body» of the aircraft.

The insurance «body» or insurance aircraft covers the disappearance, theft and other damage that can befall an aircraft following an accident.

The amount of the insurance depends on the insured value, after having deducted the deductible chosen and mentioned in the contract.

If the claim is guaranteed by the contract, the insurers are in charge, generally, of the costs of troubleshooting, backup and all expenses related to the relocation of the device to the place of repair to its airfield base or, possibly, to the airfield nearest to the place of the accident. On the French territory is the BEA that handles the accidents.

Aircraft refers to airplanes, helicopters, gliders, balloons, MICROLIGHTS (gyroplane, paramotor, aérostat, pendulum, helicopter, ultra-light class 6 and multi-axis).

How to obtain a good insurance aircraft ?

Since covering of the losses that can be very expensive, it is compulsory to take a insurance that meets the real needs of the aircraft. To do this, seek the services of a broker, specialist insurance, aircraft is the best option. In addition to advising, this professional will negotiate for you the formulas that are most advantageous to the insurance companies.

In general, the insurance, the «body» is never purchased alone, but it depends on the companies. The broker will however, get you more formulas complete including insurance » body «, the’civil liability insurance and insurance of transported goods. It will also endeavour to lighten the most possible of your expenses in the event of a disaster.

The liability covers bodily injury and property damage sustained by third parties or by passengers due to a loss related to the use of your aircraft, and this, in the context of specific conditions. The latter, it is possible to add a civil liability in respect of passengers. It covers bodily injury which have been victim to people who are not responsible for the accident provided that they waive all recourse against the insured, its employees and its insurers. An allowance will then be paid to the victims.

Insurance on goods transported cover, as for it, the risks of damage and loss that may be suffered by these goods during their transportation, their pre-routing and post-routing.