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Auto insurance : an increase planned for 2018

An increase of 2% to 3% will affect theauto insurance in 2018 after many years of freezing. If the professionals have taken this decision, it is because the spare parts and repair are increasingly more expensive. The increase is launched Some insurers have already announced, last October, their rates will experience an increase of 2% […]

The micro-entrepreneurs and insurance

Like any business, there are insurance requirements for the micro-entrepreneurs, in fact it is compulsory to take a professional insurance to cover any damage caused by their activities and their workers. The formula should be selected according to the sector of activities and of the activities of the contractor. The required insurance The status of […]

Life insurance : what to do in case of a flat tax ?

Before you panic unnecessarily, the first thing to do is to make the balance sheet on its contracts and, not later than 31 December next. For each of these contract, you will need to take account of the amount of the payments made. Once that is done, it is necessary to remove the share of […]

Mutual insurance : the comparators insurance

In terms of health, it is possible to spend a lot as we may spend less depending on the state of each person. Compare insurance available on the market allows, in both cases, to reduce the bill and make some savings on their health budgets. The comparators of insurance does not cease, moreover, to rise, […]

Damage insurance work

The insurance damage book covers the quick repair induced by large claims that may involve a new construction in the 10 years following its delivery. A legal obligation Before even opening the construction site, the builders and craftsmen must subscribe to a contract of insurance in so-called ten-year liability. This obligation is stipulated by articles […]

A better understanding of the insurance aircraft

In the field of aviation insurance, there are two formulas key to find the insurance referring to the transported goods or faculties and the insurance referring to the aircraft that the so-called ” hull insurance “. The insurance ” body ” Aviation is a complex world that brings together thousands of devices around the world. […]

A mobile application to make a report auto

When one has an accident or pulled without too much seriousness, making a report is often long. To expedite the procedure and allow the two drivers to leave quickly each of its side, a mobile application to make a statement has been launched. It has been called e-constat auto and can be downloaded for free […]

Insurance : the mediations multiply

Nothing that for the year 2016, the ombudsman of insurance has registered close to 15 000 requests for the settlement of disputes between insurers and insured. The main sources of problems are the car insurance, home insurance and loan protection insurance. The use of this organism allows us to find solutions that satisfy both parties […]